Hi! I'm Rachael, a married 30-something (closer to 40 than 30!) owner of 2 small feral children. When I had my first child, my health was in pretty poor shape - poor nutrition; my only exercise was doing the food shopping at the supermarket and I was struggling to love myself and gain my confidence after becoming a Mum. My health hit an all-time low and I developed viral meningitis. I realised that I had to start listening to my body and taking care of it, but I wasn't a fan of complicated cooking or gyms! I started to slowly take some time for myself which included a daily 30-minute at-home exercise program, good and

easy healthy food and really worked on nourishing my mind with positive self-talk and personal development.

The transformation in myself physically but most importantly how I felt about myself meant that I decided to share with other women like me the reality of trying to improve my health around a busy family home. I now help and support other women who may be feeling like I was and want to tell you that you CAN do it - you can become the strongest you've ever been from the inside out.

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